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  • Computer Repair
    Virus and malware removal from $60
    Great deals on Antivirus
    Windows installations $50

    For your conveniance:
    Stop by our Office,
    we go to your place, or
    remote service is available.
  • CCTV Security
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    Dome or Bullet Cameras
    IR Night Vision
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At JMLINCE Computer Repair and Sales our low fees are listed.
We will give you a free estimate, and something else needs to be done you will decide.
If we cannot help, you do not need to pay.


Estimates in person or over the phone FREE
All-in-one - Customer Favorite! (Details) $80.00
Windows Installation/Reinstallation (With Drivers and Updates) $50.00
Maintenance with Virus, Malware, Adware, and Spyware Removal $60.00
Backup Files ($10.00 off If Convined with Another Service) $30.00
Data Recovery ($20.00 off If Convined with Another Service) (Details) $50.00
Software, Drivers, Printer Installation $25.00
Desktop Assemble $50.00
Desktop Cleaning (Blow air inside & Clean outside) $10.00
Laptop Fix or Replace Hardware that Requires Disassemble (Parts not Included)(Details) $80.00


Service Call (Minimum Charge) $25.00
Hourly Rate $50.00
Computer Pick-up and Delivery (Each way) $10.00
Remote Assistance (Details) Call


If for some reason I am not able to help the customer does not need to pay. If something else needs to be done I will call to get approval.

All-in-one - Customer Favorite!

It Includes:

  • Format Hard Drive
  • Windows Reinstallation
  • Drivers and Updates
  • Antivirus Installation (System Mechanics Professional or Your Own)
  • Other Software Installation (Depend on Your Needs)
  • Computer Optimization and Maintenance


  • File back-up & restore to hard Drive for $20.00 dollars up to 100GB
  • Upgrade hardware such as the hard drive and memory RAM for a low price

Important Information

  • There is a 30-day warranty on parts and labor. Most parts come also with manufacturer warranty.
  • Viruses and other problems caused as a result of user behaviors are not included on the warranty.
  • This work is not reversible.
  • Documents, settings, and programs will be lost, but the ones saved when the optional back-up service is selected.
  • User is responsible of installing peripherals such as printers.
  • The installation of programs such as messengers, iTunes, etc. is not included.
  • The installation of programs to share files (Such as UTorrent) will void the warranty.
  • Internet and network setup is not included.
  • When the job is finish, owner should pick-up computer within 30 days, or it may be considered abandoned.

More details:

  • Format Hard Drive: Formatting the hard drive is recommended but optional. When the hard drive is formatted recovery partitions may be deleted.

  • Windows Reinstallation: The owner is responsible to provide us with the restoration media and licenses. If there is not restoration media, we will install the operating system that is listed on the proof of license label.

  • Windows Updates: It is recommended for most computers.

  • Drivers Installation: The owner should provide us with the drivers; however, if the owner does not have this, we will try to get the drivers from different sources.

  • Antivirus Installation: Iolo System Shield Antivirus is part of System Mechanics Professional. This is the software that we recommend for most computers. Other antivirus may be installed instead.

  • Other Software Installation: Depending on owner's wants and needs, "other software" may include adobe reader, adobe flash player, open office, DVD player software, and burning software. License information is required to reinstall Microsoft Office.

  • Computer Optimization and Maintenance: The maintenance consists of blowing the dust from the inside of the desktops and cleaning the outside on both notebooks and desktops. The optimization is done mostly with the System Mechanics Professional. For more information you may visit http://www.iolo.com/system-mechanic/pro/

Laptop Disassemble

To Replace Hardware such as:

  • LCD or LED Screen
  • Power Jack
  • Motherboard
  • Fan, etc.

Fee Does Not Apply

  • When replacing hardware that is easy to access, such as many hard drives, keyboards, memory ram, etc. It maybe free or just $10.00 dollars if customer gets the part from us, or combined with another service, else $25.00.

Contact Information

Phone: 626.404.7771
Mobile: 626.664.3145
e-Mail: jmlince@jmlince.com


3105 Colima Rd.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-4:00PM
Saturdays: 10:00AM-2:00PM
Sundays: Closed

Remote Assistance

1. Download and install "Show PC"
2. Call during business hours.

More info "Here"

Good reviews and referrals are greatly appreciated!